Backlit Facade SEG Trade Show Booth Environment

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Backlit Facade SEG Trade Show Booth Environment

Completely transform your trade show, expo, or event experience with these gorgeous, illuminated trade show booth environments. This LED backlit display comes with a number of features and conveniences for the best possible trade show experience. Light up your graphics with the Backlit Display Series. The Backlit line combines innovative silicone-edge graphics with LED ladder lights to create the best custom backlit displays for trade show booths. The Backlit line can also be attached together and configured into backlit booth environments, creating a unique and vibrant trade show experience with the best, lightweight, and portable trade show equipment in the industry. No premium costs, the Backlit series is cost-effective and is guaranteed to have amazing ROI for your marketing efforts and budget. The innovative fold-out design completely removes the need for tools and reduces set up time to as little as 20 minutes. Brilliant, high-quality ultra bright LED ladder lights ensure full coverage with zero dark spots on the front graphics (endcaps are non-backlit). These portable, pre-configured backlit trade show environments create a unique trade show experience for anyone that sees or visits your booth. This is the best and most cost-efficient way to set yourself apart from the rest of the dull exhibits on the conference floor. It's time to make your trade show marketing exciting and worthwhile.

Key Features:

  • (6) Pop Up Frames
  • (24) 3-Section Channel Bars
  • (16) 4-Section Channel Bars
  • (24) End Cap Channel Bars
  • (8) 1-Section Channel Bars
  • (6) Channel Bar Bags
  • (6) Carry Bags (for frame)
  • (28) Straight Connectors
  • (6) L-Connectors
  • (18) Ladder Light Sets*
  • (18) Transformers
  • (6) Transformer Power Cords
  • (18) Male/Female Transformer Connector Cords
  • (72) Middle Light Brackets
  • (72) Top/Bottom Light Brackets
  • (8) 10ft x 7.5ft backlit graphics (front and back)
  • (4) 7.5ft x 7.5ft backlit graphics (front and back)
  • (6) End Cap Graphics (edge prints, non-backlit)

Display Dimensions: 207"w x 89"h x 103"d
Graphic Dimensions: 

  • 30.5"W x 89"H (Side)
  • 118.5′′ W x 89′′ H (Main)
  • 14.25′′ W x 89′′ H (ECG)

Shipping Weight: 186 lbs (6 boxes)
Shipping Dimensions: 34" L x 14" W x 9" H (each box)

*Ladder lights are installed on one side of the frame only. Single and double-sided displays use the same quantity of lights. Lights do not need to be installed on the backside of the frame for double-sided graphics.

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