Covid-19 Statement
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Companies worldwide are suffering because of the COVID-19 virus  and it is affecting our industry just the same. Measures to limit large, public events have caused trade shows to be canceled or postponed. Please bear with us through this period and rest assured that our main focus is Customer Success!

We ask our customers to take the following steps before canceling an order altogether:

  1. Find out if the show is canceled or postponed. If the show is postponed, we can proceed with the order as intended. If the show is canceled, consider trade show marketing needs for future shows!

  2. Consider using items in the existing order for a future show. 100% of our trade show displays are portable and interchangeable with ever changing booth sizes and branding environments.

  3. Consider revising artwork and putting production on hold to fulfill the order for a future show. For most, if not all orders, our customers and their company’s have spent time and money into producing artwork files to be printed. If the existing files are event-specific, consider revising the artwork for the next trade show on the schedule. If not, we can proceed as intended or take some time to polish up the design!


  1. We can try our best to cancel orders that are scheduled for production but it is not guaranteed.

  2. Orders that are currently scheduled for production are non-refundable.

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