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Our custom dimensional letters lobby sign kits are designed to provide your office or reception area with a professional looking lobby sign without the need to hire an actual professional for the installation. We designed our kits with ease of use in mind. Most signs can be installed by one person in just minutes! Our lobby signs are custom made in-house at our California production facility with quality materials and carefully inspected before being shipped out to you.

Please Note: Due to the size and limitation of the cutting equipment, dimensional letters that are extremely intricate and small can not be cut. If your lobby sign includes small shapes and letters under 2" tall, there is a high possibility we will not be able to create it. Please think about getting one of our plaque or acrylic lobby signs.

Dimensional Letters Lobby Sign FAQ

What do the different face options look like?productdetailbanner-lobbysignv2.jpg

What depth (thickness) should I pick for my lobby sign?

We suggest most lobby signs use the 1/2" return thickness unless the average letter height of your sign exceeds 5". This is because smaller letters tend to look awkward from side angles when the return is too thick.

What color return should I choose?

Although the choice is ultimately yours, we recommend choosing a white return for dark color walls and a black return for light color walls so the depth of the letter doesn't blend into the wall.

What material is used for the backing/return of the lobby sign?

We use PVC for the backing of our lobby signs kits. PVC provides a lightweight and rigid core which is what allows us to create an easy to install kit system that is durable, lightweight, and sturdy for fabricating, packing, shipping, and installing your own permanent sign.

Do you use any other materials other than GatorFoam for your backing?

Yes! We can actually fabricate signs out of many different substrate materials such as Gatorfoam, acrylic, aluminum, dense foam, and more! PVC is used with our easy install kits because of its light weight. If you want a custom sign made from other materials please check out our entire lobby sign section!

I ordered my sign, now what?

Great! After you place an order, either online or over the phone, you may upload your company logo file to us here.

How long will it take to make my lobby sign?

Fabrication usually takes up to 7 business days depending on the face material you choose and its availability. After your sign is made, we ship it out to you UPS Ground unless otherwise specified.

This is still too complicated, I need help!

No problem! Feel free to give us a call at (844) 789-5010 and we will be glad to help you!



  • 4

    Posted by Karen Mahoney on 1st Aug 2017

    The brushed aluminum and font are top quality. Easy to place in our receptionist area made it easy for clients to see our office better. Satisfied overall.

  • 5
    Affordable and easy to order!

    Posted by Fey O on 5th Jun 2017

    I got quotes from other people that were just rediculous lol, and the order process from them took forever and a million emails back and forth. Ordering online was straightforward and the price was great. They also sent it to me quickly as well. Overall, I am really happy with this purchase!

  • 5
    Very nice product.

    Posted by Richared on 17th Nov 2016

    I was very pleased with this lobby signage we ordered from Fantastic Displays. The only issue I had was a few of the letters and the mounting outline did not have adhesive tape attached. Otherwise, a super nice product that is easy to install and projects a very professional image.

  • 4

    Posted by Theresa Wellington JDL on 14th Jun 2016

    There is nothing like this on the market because sign shops (like the ones that quoted us) will charge an arm and a leg for installation costs and premiums on materials, etc. Buy this instead and install it yourself. You will save time, money and feel a great sense of accomplishment lol The build quality is superb and seems like it would be near impossible to remove!

  • 4
    DIY, cost-efficient

    Posted by Rick Goods on 14th Jun 2016

    materials are ok, very easy to install, DONT PAY FOR INSTALLATION! buy this and install yourself!

  • 4
    small business friendly

    Posted by AFFL on 14th Jun 2016

    shopped around and this cost about 200% less than the cheapest quoted... we are a small company of about 6 employees and needed to "revamp" our waiting area. got this in the email and 2 guys installed it in 10 minutes. couldn't be happier!

  • 4
    Good value

    Posted by Victor P. on 14th Jun 2016

    I spent a lot of time shopping around and fantastic displays had the best pricing for a reception sign with our own logo on it. I had a very strict budget and their sign was the best for its value. Ordering was pretty straightforward but I called in just to make sure I was ordering correctly..their reps were able to take my order over the phone to make checking out a bit easier.

  • 5
    sign looks great on our lobby

    Posted by Heidi R on 14th Jun 2016

    Did not have a vector for our logo but their graphic designer Bianca was a great help with turning our small logo into a vector file. Excellent customer service and the sign really brightens up the empty wall of our office lobby. Installation was also easy to do by myself

  • 5
    Elegant and easy to install..

    Posted by Kristofer Law on 14th Jun 2016

    We got our logo on brushed aluminum and was pleasantly surprised with how simple it was to install it ourselves. Didn't need to hire anybody to install and we set it up within 15 minutes. Looks very professional!!